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Simon has specialised in subsidence investigation since the major episode in the early 1990s and works with a wide range of other professionals in this field, including engineers, surveyors and loss adjusters.

He is regularly instructed by solicitors that specialise in this area and deal with the more complex cases, for instance where there are liability or negligence issues.

He is currently working with the London Tree Officers' Association (LTOA) on the revision of their Risk Limitation Strategy for trees and subsidence.

Proper investigation of such cases is essential, both to establish the cause of the problem conclusively and to avoid inappropriate remedies. These can be extremely costly in time and money and often achieve nothing or make the problems worse. This can also lead to trees being lost or harmed needlessly.

Unfortunately many larger insurance companies are taking an increasingly mass produced approach to claim handling, so are cutting corners in investigations or not carrying them out at all. Some sell their claims to handling companies and no longer have any direct contact with policyholders. An increasing part of Simon's work is now advising people affected by this. As well as providing second opinions to the owners of affected properties he advises neighbours and other third parties who receive aggressive demands to remove trees, often with no technical evidence to back up the assertion that they are causing damage. He also advises local authorities where applications are made to remove protected trees alleged to be causing subsidence.


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